PlayStation Vita's AT&T Data Plan Comes in Two Flavors, No Contracts

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The data plan for the 3G version of Sony's hot new portable gaming system, the PlayStation Vita, will run you $15 for 250 MB or $25 for 2GB. There are no contracts, AT&T reps said during a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


The 3G PlayStation Vita costs $300. The Wi-Fi only version costs $250. (Neither includes the cost of a memory stick which is more or less mandatory for the system.)

Those prices are similar to what AT&T charges customers of the iPhone and Droid phones. Those folks pay $15 for 200 MB and $25 for 2GB.


The Vita officially comes out in North America on February 22, though early adopters will be able to get it a week early.

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Jeff Seely

The 250 MB plan should be free (with access cut off or throttled after reaching that limit) and the 2 GB plan should be $9.99 per month. $14.99 for 250 MB is an incredible rip-off, and $25 for 2 GB isn't a whole lot better.