PlayStation Store Update: Bad Company

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If you're in the mood to spend your Independence Day with some Battlefield: Bad Company trailers, this update has your name written all over it. It's also got Top Gun and FREE written all over it, as Guitar Hero III owners get a track for nothin'. Rock Band owners, you get a freebie, too. There's little that's playable this week, but the PlayStation Store is just stuffed with trailers. Pity then that two of them are for the PlayStation 3 port of Vampire Rain. Move along for the full update.


Expansions and Add-Ons

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock bonus track - "Top Gun Anthem" (free)

Rock Band add-on tracks

* "Promised Land" by Vesuvius (free)

* "Who's Going Home with You Tonight?" - Trapt ($0.99)

* "Time Is Running Out" - Papa Roach ($0.99)

* "Down at the Whisky" - Motley Crüe ($0.99)

* Crüe Fest Pack 1 ($2.99) - "Time Is Running Out" by Papa Roach, "Down at the Whisky" by Motley Crüe, and "Who's Going Home with You Tonight?" by Trapt

Game Videos

Qore Episode 2 ($2.99 Issue, $24.99 Annual Subscription)

Killzone 2 trailer

Valkyria Chronicles teaser trailer

Battlefield: Bad Company "Bad World" trailer

Battlefield: Bad Company "Rainbow Sprinkles" trailer

Battlefield: Bad Company "Snake Eyes" trailer

Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #2

Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #3

Tiger Woods ‘09 "Course" video

Vampire Rain Altered Species trailers

Movie and Television Trailers

Lakeview Terrace

John Mayer Live In Los Angeles

Vantage Point


Wallpapers and Themes

Woodward theme

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution theme

Top Spin 3 Wallpaper



Checked out the Valkyria Chronicles trailer. Looking very, very nice. Here's hoping it doesn't get steamrolled by the FPS war machine coming out this fall.

Also, I looked in QORE, and the SH: Homecoming featurette has gone and got me interested all over again. I really hope the game ends up good.