Some of you will be enjoying MotorStorm: Pacific Rift for the first time today, courtesy of the PlayStation Store and your subscription to Qore. The rest of us will have to be content with Jeopardy! and/or our previous hands-on time with the Evolution Studios racer. There are no lack of things to play for North American PlayStation 3 owners this week, with a handful of new demos, new Rock Band tracks โ€” one of them being free โ€” and wallpapers to fiddle with. For the full list of new goodies, keep on keepin' on.Games and Demos Jeopardy! ($14.99) MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo - for Qore subscribers FIFA 09 demo Guitar Hero: Aerosmith demo Field Commander for PSP ($14.99) Expansions and Add-ons PAIN Amusement Park ($5.99) PAIN: Yeony Character ($0.99) PAIN: Tati Character ($0.99) PAIN: Kenneth Character ($0.99) Rock Band tracks * "Two Weeks" - All That Remains ($0.99) * "This Calling" - All That Remains ($0.99) * "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" - Stephen and the Colberts (free) * All That Remains Pack ($2.99) - includes "This Calling," "Two Weeks," and "Chiron" by All That Remains Game Videos Golden Axe: Beast Rider trailer FIFA 09 trailer NHL 09 "Teaser" trailer NHL 09 "Defensive Sizzle" trailer Blitz: The League II trailer Saints Row 2 "Uncle Gary Sticky Bombs" trailer Saints Row 2 "Uncle Gary Throwing People" trailer Need For Speed: Undercover "Launch" trailer Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway "Brutality of War Gameplay" video Legendary "Behind the Scenes Episode 2" Wallpapers and Themes PAIN Amusement Park wallpaper (x3) PAIN Amusement Park theme PAIN Kenneth Character theme PAIN Yeony Character theme PAIN Tati Character theme Mirror's Edge theme Need For Speed: Undercover theme