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Leak: Mass Effect, Biomutant, More Coming To PlayStation Plus

According to a leaker, PlayStation Plus members can expect to receive three games in December

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A split image shows art from Biomutant, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and DKO: Divine Knockout.
Image: Experiment 101 / EA / Hi-Rez Studios / Kotaku

A reliable leaker has revealed that Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and DKO: Divine Knockout will be next month’s trio of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. These games will be available on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. So if you purchased Sony’s games subscription service at any tier, make sure you hold off on buying those titles.

The PlayStation Plus subscription service lost 2 million members since its recent revamp, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the overall number of people (45 million) who find good value in the service. And Sony is still raking in high profits since the service’s various tiers are more expensive than Xbox’s Game Pass subscriptions. But one of the true drawbacks ofPlayStation Plus is Sony’s unwillingness to offer its own first-party titles to subscribers. That trend continues in December, as all of the leaked games are from third-party studios.

Mind, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is still a great game if you’ve never played BioWare’s critically acclaimed RPG series. Or if you want to re-experience it with better graphics. Meanwhile Biomutant remains rather experimental and strange as an action-RPG, but has seen some fixes and improvement over time. And Divine Knockout is an entirely new 3D fighting game with PvP elements, and will launch on December 6.


These games are fine. They just aren’t God of War: Ragnarök or Horizon Forbidden West, in case you were looking to play some of the biggest PlayStation exclusives this year. To be fair, Game Pass subscribers didn’t end up playing the much-delayed Starfield on Xbox either. The difference is that Microsoft intends to eventually let its subscribers have access to AAA blockbusters on launch day. Right now, it just doesn’t seem like part of Sony’s member retention strategy at all.

If these leaks are accurate, these three games will be hitting your PlayStation Plus account in early December. That’s only days away, so you won’t have to wait for long.