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PlayStation Move's Minority Report Controls In Action

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Two new demos of PlayStation Move, shot by us today, show some of the coolest things that Sony's Move motion controllers can do. Two weeks ago, we saw Move control games. Today, Move moved windows and made the Eiffel Tower.

Kotaku shot these demos in New York City, just hours before Sony was allowing the public its first hands-on with the new Move controller. The new controller, which works with the already-released PlayStation Eye camera, is Sony's attempt to one-up the technology of the Wii Remote.

The demos here were whipped up since the Move was unveiled earlier this month. The first is a Move take on the kind of motion-controlled interfaces guessed at in the movie Minority Report. (Which is cooler than the motion-controlled cross-media-bar interface I saw two weeks ago.) The second shows a whole new way people could make levels in a game like Little Big Planet.


Part 1 features Sony's Richard Marks. Part 2 features a walk-on by Anton Mikhailov. Marks and Mikhailov are two of Sony's senior developers on the Move project.


The PlayStation Move will be released this fall for the PlayStation 3.