PlayStation Move Gets Its First Wii Port

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With the PlayStation Move looking, well, similar to Nintendo's Wii Remote, you may have wondered how long it would take until it was announced a Wii game was being ported to the PS3. The answer? How about, oh, a few hours.


Warner Bros let us know today that The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, a game previously headed for the Wii (and DS), will now also be making an appearance on the PlayStation 3, "with full support for PlayStation's upcoming motion controller technology".


Explains why the Wii version was delayed.

TT Fusion, who were handling the DS version of the game, will now also be taking care of the PS3 edition, along with a PS2 and PSP version that were also announced today. The Wii's game is being developed by Headstrong Games.

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