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PlayStation Home Now Lets You Give Out Creepy Hugs

Well, this is weird—a bunch of new two-player gestures have been released for PlayStation Home by nDreams, including the “lovers hug” and chest-bumping alongside creepy handholding and, um, massages.

PlayStation Home is so incredibly strange, and not just because all the faces are subtly wrong. I bet the story of its development is fascinating. One day, I hope to tell it.


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I know pretty much EVERYONE here is quick to bash PS Home and announce how they're never touching it, but it's still highly entertaining to check in every once in a while and watch flame wars erupt between the "families" of wannabe gangster kids alongside other clueless males and their impressively awkward pickup attempts on the "females".

Very good for the occasional laugh during your downtime between games, and hey, some of the mini-games and spaces you can explore are occasionally kind of cool.

Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a "Home 2.0" on the PS4, with all of your avatar items ported over. I'd be sad to see it wither away as Sony slowly weans off supporting the PS3. Though... the chances of that happening is highly unlikely.