PlayStation Classic Games, Ranked

Actual decades ago, I played every single one of the 20 games included on the upcoming PlayStation Classic all the way to completion. Today, I made this video ranking them all.

Tiny classic retro consoles are a fairly new phenomenon, though Nintendo’s efforts are so good that weirdos like me have already developed idealist criteria for what sorts of games should be included. My criteria is simple: the top priority when selecting games for these things should be to make game collectors cry.


The PlayStation was my favorite game console. It introduced me to so many weird new alternative genres and wild perspectives on existing genres. Its library is a rich tapestry of unique collectibles and fascinating curiosities. Its mini console should reflect that.

It doesn’t.

I’d have preferred it if this thing had Mega Man Legends, Alundra, and Suikoden II. Tail Concerto, Vandal Hearts, Vagrant Story, Bushido Blade—I have to physically restrain myself from typing more games I wish were on this thing. You can hear me mention about a billion of them over the course of this video.


If you just want to know which game I put at number one, it’s Wild Arms. Number two is Jumping Flash. Numbers three, four, and five are probably the games you think they are. The rest of the list is highly personal and ridiculously subjective, so you should probably just watch my video.

You could, of course, also read Chris Kohler’s review.

Though like, I animated some really wild rotating shapes for my video. Text doesn’t have rotating shapes. So you should watch my video.

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Tekken 3 deserves to be much higher.