PlayStation All-Stars' newest fighter is Evil Cole. Is Sony running low on characters? Bring on Happy Kratos!


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At first i was excited for this game, but that has slowly gone away. Now i'm left with a kinda "meh" feeling about it. The characters they are announcing are just...well meh.

Big daddy from bioshock? That wasn't even a console exclusive game.

Where is the crash bandicoot and the spyro? Where is cloud? Where are the obscure but loved characters a la lucas from SSBB.

And heihachi from tekken? Why not jin or kazuya? or even lars goddamn it. Who the hell plays heihachi?

I hope this game turns out well but i just can't get excited for it.

On a side note. If solid/naked/old snake isn't in this after solid snake being in an effing nintendo brawler, i will burn down superbot studios.