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PlayStation’s End Of Year Wrap-Up Commemorates Your Gamer Shame

Did you buy a AAA game only to play it for only three hours? Has Sony got the list for you

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
PlayStation's Wrap-up under the button symbols.
Image: Sony

If you own a PlayStation 4 or 5, you can view your yearly Wrap-Up starting from today. The PlayStation equivalent of Spotify Wrapped and other year-end summaries of user activity on a platform, the Wrap-Up lets Sony once again shame you for your gaming choices as it’s done in prior years. Simply go to this link and log into your PlayStation account.

That’s right. The corporation that owns your console data knows that you only played three hours of Horizon Forbidden West before losing yourself in Elden Ring. You can check stats such as the individual number of hours played on each game, the percentage of that as a part of your total playtime, earned trophies, and the number of PS Plus games that you downloaded (if you’re one of the 45 million subscribers to Sony’s premium gaming service). The last one feels oddly specific. I guess in the midst of declining membership numbers, Sony needed some way of trying to remind you that PS Plus is actually worth it.


Of course, this comes with some caveats. You need to have played games on your console for at least 10 hours, and you need to have consented to giving Sony your data. I don’t remember ever doing something like that, so it was probably just on by default. Haha, that was so sneaky and totally ethical of them. At least I get to see how much I really got out of my console. (The answer: Not much—I’m mostly gaming on my PC or my Switch.)

If you’ve ever played any PlayStation exclusives, you’ll also be able to view community-wide stats, such as the number of Thunderjaws slaughtered in Horizon Forbidden West, or the miles driven in Gran Turismo 7, or the axes thrown in God of War Ragnarök.


You’ll be able to view your stats until January 13, and the Wrap-Up will continuously update until the end of the year.