PlayStation 3, Nintendo DSi Sales Cool Down In Japan

After last week's exciting new hardware debuts, the Japanese hardware sales charts calm down a bit. Sure, the Nintendo DSi is still selling like gangbusters, but the PlayStation 3 starts its journey downward into more normal territory, moving less than half of what it did the week prior. On the flip side of the hi-def console war, the Xbox 360 doubles its week-to-week sales in Japan, making this pie chart a lot less red and a lot more lime green. Wii and PSP sales are mostly steady, with the former selling nowhere near as spectacularly as it does on this side of the Pacific. For the week of Nov. 3 to 9, here's how the Japanese spent. • Nintendo DSi - 104,897 • PSP - 43,726 • Wii - 24,726 • PlayStation 3 - 18,354 • Xbox 360 - 12,759 • Nintendo DS - 8,381 • PlayStation 2 - 5,743


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