PlayStation 3 Motion Controller Makes Its Debut

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Sony took some time at their E3 2009 press conference to show off tech demos of their upcoming motion controller, a two-part controller due out in spring of next year.


The controller actually consists of two wands, which the user holds in their hands, while the PS3 camera tracks the movement and translates it into on-screen movement. The setup seems to be an evolution of the Sony waggle controller patent that surface last October. In conjuction with the camera, the motion controllers can be replaced with other items, such as guns, displaying the player on the screen holding all sorts of items.

More impressive was the level of precision the two seperate wands afforded. They acted like individual hands, allowing the demo driver to pick up objects, build items with them. The weapons demo also highlighted the device's precision, with sword and shield work that would make Link blush.

Check out our live blog for more on the controller. Sony is looking release the device next spring. Hopefully they'll have a name for it by then too.


It seems like most people posting against Natal are only doing so because they don't see how it can happen. That's how new technology begins, dears. Hundreds of years ago, they never imagined anything quite like a television, or game consoles.

Natal looks amazing, while Sony's controller looks like a typical imitation of the Wii.