PlayStation 3 Getting 2.35 Firmware "Shortly" (As In Right Now) Eric Lempell, Director of PlayStation Network Operations, writes on the official PlayStation blog that PS3 owners will be downloading new firmware revision any minute starting right now, a "relatively minor" update that will "improve stability of some PS3 titles." Officially, "this upcoming firmware update isn't related to GTA IV" so don't get your hopes up too high, folks!


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If your GTA IV is hanging at the loading screen, in my experience it was because connectivity to online had somehow corrupted my GTA IV Profile save. It's in among your other GTA IV saves in the Saved Data Utility. I just deleted it and IV started right up and loaded my most recent save. You'll lose your online earnings (level, unlocked clothes) and you'll have to do things like turn on subtitles and turn off the flicker filter. Otherwise = quick fix.

Just to be safe lately, though, I've been copying my GTA Profile save onto my Hong Kong account before I play online, just in case.


Yeah, I have to think if this patch affected GTA in any way shape or form they'd be shouting it from the rooftops. "Don't worry about playing GTA on our system! It works fine now!"