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PlayStation 3 Gets Free PhysX From Nvidia

Illustration for article titled PlayStation 3 Gets Free PhysX From Nvidia

Game developers may find PlayStation 3 development a bit more attractive today, thanks to the generosity of Nvidia. The graphics chip manufacturer is offering its PhysX tech to developers as a free download.


Nvidia, which also happens to be responsible for the PS3's RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' graphics chip, has inked a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment to provide the software development kit to PlayStation developers. That doesn't necessarily mean you're going to see above and beyond physics engine support on par with PhysX hardware acceleration, as in the Games For Windows version of Mirror's Edge, it may mean better things bouncing off other things in your PS3 library.


Or, in Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of content and technology at NVIDIA's words, "offer a more realistic and lifelike interaction between the games characters and other objects within the game."

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LllusionX Mailed the Fission

Killzone 2 has great physics. some of the best, only problem is is that the majority of things in the game are not physics objects. the ones that are are great at it though. like the grenades for example. i use the wall's angles to my advantage to cook and bounce grenades towards the enemy faction.