PlayStation 3 Cluster, Or Skynet?

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Last month, we told you about the United States Air Force's plans to purchase around 2200 PlayStation 3 consoles to crunch some data with. Wonder what that kind of horsepower actually looks like?


Here's just a taste. This is the back room of the USAF Research Laboratory's information directorate in Rome, New York, and these are the branch's original allotment of 336 consoles. Which is terrifying enough. Factor in another 2200 and we're getting to the stage where Miles Dyson needs to be blown away.

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It's really hard to surpress the "Hey, look, the PS3 is doing everything but playing games"-esque comments, but then I remember that the PS3's getting the Bad Company 2 Beta and MAG soon.

It makes me sad that Sony took out the BC that I was hoping they'd reinstall in the console because that's the only thing holding me back at this point from buying the shiny black console. Yes, I know it's my own fault for not buying a BC PS3 when they came out and could actually play PS2 games. Oh well.

Anyways, 336 PS3s should be great for filling up one and a quarter MAG games, no problem. with over 2200, you could make almost 9 full game sessions. I'm not sure what shocks me more, the fact you need that many PS3s to make 9 MAG game sessions, or that it ONLY makes 9 MAG game sessions.