PlayStation 3 Bundles Don't Get Any More Precious Than This

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If you don't already have a PlayStation 3 and your heart isn't a deep, deep black, consider Best Buy's current offer, featuring one of the better value-added bundles, featuring both Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet and Pixar's Wall-E on Blu-ray.


That makes the actual hardware somewhat of a steal, considering these are two must have (or at least should have) titles that will play on your PS3. Both the game and movie were adored by critics, so only buy in if you have superb taste. Asking price is $399 USD, likely part of Sony's efforts to clear out remaining PlayStation 3 80 GB stock before issuing a hardware revision and cheaper base price, as rumored.

Really the only way to top this is to put a puppy in the box.

Sony - PlayStation 3 (80GB) with LittleBigPlanet and Wall-E [Best Buy via Joystiq]


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That is a pretty good bundle. Too bad all the new PS3's don't even have Software Backwards Compatibility, for shame. Hope my 60GB never breaks.