Playing Guitar Hero On Expert While Solving Two Rubik's Cubes

That's what happens in this video. Guitar Hero fan and "speedcuber" Julian plays Ozzy Osbourne's "Mr. Crowley" in Guitar Hero World Tour on expert difficulty while also solving two Rubik's Cubes with his free hand.


Sorry, should've warned you to take your shoes off, because your socks were probably just blown right through them. Oh, and did I mention that he plays the entire song with his elbow? Then you'll forgive Julian for only scoring a 77% completion and a note streak of 51. The guy is clearly preoccupied with things other than perfection. Plus he's playing off of the reflection of the TV in a mirror in order to capture this event on video.

If you begin to feel faint while witnessing the intensity that is Julian's "Multicolored Multitask," perhaps you should ease into this with a previous video in which he solves just one Rubik's Cube singlehandedly while playing the Smashing Pumpkins.


Thanks for the heads up, James!

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Pissed Off PC Gamer

This isn't actually that impressive. There are tons of REAL musicians out there that play technical/progressive/free jazz music on their guitar or bass and sing at the same time (even more impressive if the bass is a slap and popper).