Playing Earthbound For The First Time? Tell Us What You Think.

Illustration for article titled Playing emEarthbound/em For The First Time? Tell Us What You Think.

Earthbound is officially out on the Wii U's virtual console as of last Thursday, and now a whole new generation of gamers gets to experience Nintendo's quirky role-playing game for the first time.


Are you one of those gamers? Are you playing Earthbound for the first time? Post your thoughts, opinions, questions, etc.


(Free tip: use the L button to interact with objects/people so you don't have to navigate a bazillion menus every time you want to talk to someone.)

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Played it for the first time a few years ago

I didn't know Grinding was a thing people did until then. Like... wow. One of the worst concepts in video games ever. This may seem strange to people who grew up with or love the genre, but, seriously. Grinding can fuck off.

One of the best, most unique games I've ever played, though, with sensibilities that quite mirror some of my own.