Playing Dark Souls II...With A Three Year-Old Kid

This is not the most appropriate game to be playing with such a small child. That said and out of the way, who could resist when the kid is being so cute?

Are we gonna make a boy or a girl?

A girl.

What will her name be?

A lady.

Lance and Penny Play Dark Souls 2 on PC [Lance E. McDonald, via Kotaku AU]


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I actually grew up watching "bad" films, and my dad often encouraged playing "bad" games as well. Keep in mind, these "bad" means of media were late 70's and 80's entertainment, so I watched a lot of things like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, and Hellraiser quite often. When I tell my friends this now, they think my dad was insane and exposed me to, and I quote, "demonic" and "evil" material.

I am not possessed. Watching Freddie kill people as a child did not disturb me. I never had mental illnesses, and I've never needed to see a counselor for any traumatic experiences or nightmares or anything. I was completely normal, but I was probably the most exposed kid growing up. I was that kid that taught all of my friends the really "cool" curse words that I learned from the movies I watched with my dad. I was that kid that told his teacher to "Fuck off!" when she was being out of line. I was that kid that used words like "shit", "bitch", and "damn" often in his creative writing all the way up to high school, and was only ever appreciated for it in 11th grade.

I don't believe that entertainment in and of itself is evil, nor can it corrupt. Entertainment is simply entertainment. If children have parents that actually participate with their children and explain what is being seen, then I truly believe they don't have a lot to worry about. People just want to put blame on things instead of themselves, sadly.

I don't judge this father at all. In fact, I applaud him for participating with his child, explaining everything along the way, and allowing us to view the magic that he is experiencing with his adorable child.