Playing Dance Dance Revolution on Your iPhone Isn't Exactly Dancing, Now Is It?

I'm all about seeing my favorite franchises represented in the mobile gaming space, but Dance Dance Revolution seems like a series best left to controllers that won't shatter if you stomp on them. Maybe Dance Dance Revolution: Dance Wars will prove me wrong.


The iTunes reviewers seem to approve of the new free-to-play game from Konami and GREE at least. Dance Wars is a less exercise-intensive, more social spin on the popular rhythm game. Players can form a crew with up to three friends, supporting each other while challenging other crews to dance offs, just like they do on the moderately mean streets. Working together earns respect points, vital in keeping from being served. You do not want to be served, believe you me.

The dancing is done by animated 3D characters while you tap along to those familiar arrows. New characters and other collectibles can be unlocked through the game's single-player mission mode. There are even boss fights, which seems like the sort of thing real dancers have to deal with all the time.

On the plus side, Dance Dance Revolution: Dance Wars is completely free. It just doesn't quite scratch the DDR itch like a real pad and a big-screen television do. Dammit, heading to Amazon.



How is that DDR is only now going mobile, after years of Tap Tap Revolution?