Playing Battlefield 4 Inside An Armored LAN Party

Illustration for article titled Playing emBattlefield 4/em Inside An Armored LAN Party

Yes, this is a cheap marketing stunt. But it's one I want to own. Or at least borrow for the weekend.


EA's Australian outpost and Origin - the PC manufacturers, not the EA online store - have built the "Battlefield 4 and Origin PC Armoured Division Tank", a clumsy name for what's essentially a converted Armoured Personnel Carrier full of gaming PCs.

Pop open the rear hatch and you'll find six computers in neat slide-out housings. Seating doesn't look terribly comfortable, but then, there should be little comforting about cramming six humans into the back of a military vehicle to play video games.


It'll be touring Australia in 2014 as a glorified Battlefield 4 demo unit. Let's hope it's also available for hire at weddings.

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Luke Plunkett

First day: nobody gets in. They're all waiting for the tank and jet to spawn next to it.