Hahaha oh boy. That didn't go over too well, did it?

In Destiny's big, epic raid, there is a final boss named Atheon. And there used to be a method of "cheesing" him, as in killing him quickly and unethically (depending on who you ask). Players would be able to push Atheon off the level, thereby bringing the boss fight to its early end.


Developer Bungie has since patched will soon patch that bug out, but legolas8825 and his friends here tried to get one final cheesy fight out of him before the patch went goes live. But things didn't go quite as planned. According to one Reddit user, it has to do with a tiny ledge that Atheon can fall on top of at that specific corner, giving him a second chance to warp back into the fight. Which is unfortunate for that raid team, but very fortunate for us.

(via Reddit)

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