Players Report The Division Is Wiping Characters On Xbox One [Update]

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There are multiple reports popping up this evening that the latest patch for Ubisoft’s The Division has, for an unlucky few on Xbox One, resulted in the demise of their character.

All the reports are similar; some players on Xbox One (PS4 and PC seem unaffected) log into the game following the update only to find that their character is no longer available to select. Losing save progress or an item is one thing; but losing an entire character, some of which would have had hundreds of hours poured into them, sounds like the worst. Hopefully this is something that can be restored.

Developers Massive are looking into the issue—this Reddit thread alone contains a sad, long list of players affected (over 50 at time of posting)—and say that they’re looking into each case individually to try and see what’s going on. As of now there’s no word on a cause or a fix, though, so Xbox One players might want to hold off playing the game until there’s more information.


UPDATE - Ubisoft has now fixed the issue.

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What’s really hilarious/sad/absolutely fucking frustrating is that they are now “hotfixing” named enemies in mission runs to only drop 1 high end item per run. Wiped character? Doesn’t matter, got to keep people from gearing up.