Player-Made Subnautica Base Is Extremely Impressive

Base-building in single-player games can be a lonely job. You deck out a massive palace only to wander its empty halls admiring your own handiwork. Personally I enjoy exploring for materials in crafting games more than building, but Early Access underwater survival game Subnautica might just change my mind.

Redditor KrankenwagenKolya recently shared an album of pictures of Avalon, an extensive seabase they built “in accordance with the terrain.” Avalon is nestled amid a forest of creepvines and contains labs, gardens, aquariums, and even an emergency shelter. Architecturally, the long hallways and stacked pods seem right at home on the sea floor.

Sort of like Frank Lloyd Wright meets Jacques Cousteau.

There’s not a lot you can do with your base in Subanutica just yet, but KrankenwagenKolya has embraced the game’s research roleplay in style by preparing a home worthy of any underwater scientist. For instance, here’s their office, where, thanks to Subnautica’s latest update, they can now, finally, sit in that chair.

Captain’s log: Look at all this water. Kinda makes you need to pee.

And who doesn’t love a lot of signage, even in a base where they’re unlikely to get lost?

Seriously. The best part of any crafting game is putting signs on stuff.

Their agriculture wing has plants sorted by types so KrankenwagenKolya can get their recommended doses of fruits and vegetables.

KrankenwagenKolya writes, “Most rooms in this area are uniform, only differences were what types of plants were being cultivated.”
The living walls are a great touch.
The agriculture wing from outside, with external growbeds.

KrankenwagenKolya even has some tanks for raising their own predators in case they, I don’t know, want to get eaten in their own home.

The only place for a stalker is locked behind glass, in my experience.
The sandshark tank. Don’t be fooled by its friendly smile.

Avalon contains some more pleasant animals too, such as this tank full of tasty, tasty peepers.

They see you coming to eat them. Don’t pretend you don’t feel bad.

By paying attention to their environment, they get a pretty good view.


Subnautica’s focus on exploration and crafting as opposed to combat gives players a lot of freedom to do their own thing. While KrankenwagenKolya made Avalon in the game’s creative mode, which means they didn’t need to search for blueprints and supplies, they note that “I was able to build almost an exact copy that had everything but the interiors for filtration and the aquariums,” in case you want to try your hand at replicating it in your own game. You can check out the whole album for inspiration here.

All images credit of KrankenwagenKolya.

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