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Play Tetris 99 This Weekend, Get An Awesome Animal Crossing Theme

Gif: Nintendo

Tetris 99's 13th Maximus Cup runs May 15 through May 18. Those skillful enough to earn 100 points during the event will secure themselves an Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme for the game, full of faces, icons, and music from the popular island life simulator. It’s very cute.


I don’t know how motivated I’d be to crush the competition by the soothing music of New Horizons, but that doesn’t mean I don’t desperately want this theme. Look at this AC-flavored block-dropping.

All one has to do to get the theme is play Tetris 99's competitive online mode over the weekend and earn 100 event points. That’s only one first-place win, two second-place wins, or a hundred complete failures at one point apiece. I don’t know about my Tetris 99 skills, but I can certainly fail 100 times for a good cause.

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