Play Mirror's Edge In Third-Person

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I adore Mirror's Edge. Others, though, are less kind to the game. Think it's too short, think it's controls are a mess. Well, if you think the latter, would some third-person controls help?


gamezine have found a way to install/reinstate a feature (by means of some code work, so it's PC ONLY) missing from the game, which lets you "play" it in third-person view. I say "play" because, while mostly workable, it locks the camera on the x-axis, making vertical movement a little tricky. You'll also quickly find that DICE only bothered with 60-70% of the necessary animations for the viewpoint, so it can look a little rough.

Still! It's a nifty trick, and can be turned on and off at any time, meaning you can activate it for long jumps (where you really need to see your feet), make the jump, then get back to first-person mode.

To access this third-person mode, open "TDInput" in the following directory:

C:\Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\Config\

Then paste the following line in above the bit where it says "Bindings=(Name="F5""


Once that's in, start the game up, enter a mission then hit F4 a few times. That'll scroll through a few camera options, including a free camera and two variations on the third-person camera.

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Oh, and I took these two screengrabs just to show you, yes, it works.

Mirror's Edge Third-Person View Activated [gamezine, via Evil Avatar]


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