You'll only need to one button to play Fotonica, a first-person platform jumping game oozing with style that its creators say is created in the fashion of "ugly 3D of the 90s."


Fotonica is the work of Italian game design studio Santa Ragione—Pietro Righi Riva and Nicolò Tedeschi—who call their game a mix of "jumping, sense of speed and discovery." Its wireframe looks may remind you of trippy musical shooter Rez while its gameplay feels like a Mirror's Edge time trial. There's dot eating, if you want something vaguely Pac-Man like.

It may have a hard time living up to those games—it's certainly challenging to get the hang of—but we think you should give it a go. You'll need to install the Unity 3D webplayer if you decide to go on. If not, simply enjoy Fotonica's visually satisfying trailer.


Fotonica [Kongregate]

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