Play Every Day The Same Dream, Feel Bad

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Don't think of Every Day The Same Dream as much as a game (though it is), but as an interesting, potentially fascinating experience, not too dissimilar from other interactive experiences like Passage and Don't Look Back. But do play it.


Every Day The Same Dream is a short but sweet adventure game, "a slightly existential riff on the theme of alienation and refusal of labor," in the artist's own words. And it comes from Molleindustria, creators of fine Flash-based games like the contentious Faith Fighter and Oiligarchy.

Mess around with this experimental title, enjoy what it has to offer—including an actual way to "beat" the game!—and let us know your thoughts.

Every Day The Same Dream [Molledindustria via IndieGames]


I for one love the music. I'm swinging my head side to side as I frolick amongst the cubicles, witnessing first-hand employee cloning.

EDIT : I get it now. Every day it's, well, the same dream. So you have to break the routine. I tried not putting on my clothes and I got fired. The next ''day'', the lady in the elevator said I was 4 steps away from being a new person, intsead of 5.

What ways have you found to change the routine? Stopping in traffic hasn't worked.