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Players who participate in the open beta test for THQ*ICE's Dragonica Online could find themselves on the receiving end of fabulous prizes, including a trip to Korea to meet the game's developers.


The Dragonica Online open beta kicks off this week, running from September 3rd to October 27th. During the open beta, monsters will be dropping special raffle cards, which players can collect and accumulate until they are nearly choking on them. Raffle cards can either be redeemed for an in-game item, horded, or combined in stacks of five to create high-end raffle cards.

So how does one win?

At the end of the beta testing event, every player with raffle cards in their possession is entered into a drawing to win real-world look as well as in-game items. Take a look at what THQ*ICE is offering up:

- A Trip To Korea: Meet the masterminds behind the game, Barunson Interactive, in-person;
- iHome's iP71 iPod Computer Speakers: Charge, play, and sync your iPod and iPhone with iTunes while it's docked securely into the base of the computer speakers;
- 8GB iTouch Video and Music Player: A perfect fit with your iHome speakers;
- Dragonica Online Skinned Laptop: Play Dragonica Online in style while on the go;
- ICE Cash: Customize your character and gameplay experience with ICE Cash, the exclusive THQ*ICE virtual currency;
- In-Game Prize Pack: A collection of useful items every player should have while on their journey;
- Exclusive Dragonica Online Themed Premium Items: Cool wall scrolls & t-shirt


I crave the skinned laptop myself, but given the sheer adorability of Dragonica Online, I don't like the odds. Visit the THQ*ICE registration page to sign up for a free account for the free to play MMO.

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