Play Dominion Online in Your Browser Right Now

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Goko, the multiplatform headquarters for mature board and card games, has launched in open beta, giving strategy-minded players a chance to play all the Dominion Online, Forbidden City and All the King's Men their devious little hearts' desire.


There are more than 150 games lined up for Goko, using HTML 5 as a universal gaming platform so anyone with a web browser can play anywhere they please. The first three games are live right now, and they're all rather lovely. There's Dominion Online, a multiplayer-enabled version of Donald X. Vaccarino's card game; Forbidden City from acclaimed German board game designer Reiner Knizia; and All the King's Men, a lovely melding of strategy board game with push-match puzzles from Gopherwood Studios I've been playing that last one quite a bit.

And you can too. Just head over to and sign up. Just be prepared for productivity to plummet.

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... I... I thought this said Digimon Online. I was briefly SO excited... before I remembered you did an article about a Digimon game a while back and how it had, uh, stressed the female characters' assets.

If you don't want to sign up for a separate account, THIS Dominion Online allows you to use a Google or Yahoo account, or to play without signing in:

I haven't played it myself, mind, but folks seemed to love it.