Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive On A Mirror's Edge Map. With Zombies. And Parkour.

Let's all admit that Dust was a fantastic map in Counter-Strike: Source. It was small enough to where the pace was always active, with the proper amount of choke points and alternate routes for optimal strategizing. But part of the charm of Source was discovering the community maps and mods.


Valve understands that charm all too well. Which is why they've helped support Plague Fest modders to develop their Zombie Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve has apparently even developed the zombie model themselves.

The Zombie Mod is kind of hit or miss currently. It's a little buggy, textures are wonky, and some of the maps are confusing. The one server dedicated to this particular mod is also currently capped at 25 players. Fortunately there are plans to extend that to 64 which, once you get into the server, you'll realize how much more appropriate that is for a mod that emphasizes a horde of zombie players as your enemy.


But this Mirror's Edge map in particular caught the eye of our video editor, Chris Person.

It's not the typical experience of playing rounds of Global Offensive. It's a not the quick rounds of small maps that you're used to. There's even less emphasis on shooting your guns. The Mirror's Edge map is more about parkouring through the large, spacious area. Occasionally you'll be forced into choke points to fend off a large group of zombies.

There's something weirdly peaceful about a round of Global Offensive in this mod/map combination, especially thanks to the Mirror's Edge music. It feels like an entirely different experience. Check it out in our video above, courtesy of Chris.

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Save yourself the trouble, just play this in counter-strike source for the moment with the full cap. Also that map A. gets annoying with the music after a while and B. is impossible for zombies to win if they have 1 human player who knows how to play it.

*Does not understand why the crazy love for zombiemod all of a sudden for something thats been around for years*