Play As A Seagull, Poop On The Humans

Is this your latest trend, 2015. Birds pooping on people? In video games?

Sploot is the second game this month we’ve seen in this vein, after Nathan took a look at Wonky Pigeon. And it’s a very similar type of game. You fly around as a seagull, you shit on things. Like people, yes, but also all the other stuff seagulls aspire to ruin with their excrement: windscreens, statues, buildings.


It reminds me of Mister Mosquito in a way, but setting this apart is the fact that it’s not only a first-person (first-bird?) game, but it supports VR as well.

Sploot is the work of one guy—Elijah O’Rear—and you can play the game for free here.

(via Indiegames)



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