Illustration for article titled Plastic Surgeon Topples Hot Sauce Man, Algebra Teacher To Claim Donkey Kong Throne

In the battle between three men over who is the world's best Donkey Kong player, a New York plastic surgeon has claimed a fresh victory. Will this barrel hopping high score war ever end? Not any time soon.

According to high score tracking group Twin Galaxies, expert Donkey Kong player Hank Chien has once again snatched the arcade crown from previous record holders Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, the two men made more famous in the 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.


The current official high score? 1,068,000 in Donkey Kong points.

This vicious battle between lifelong Donkey Kong fans will continue in 2011. Wiebe is giving this playing Donkey Kong really well thing another go at an event this weekend, with a Chien, Mitchell, and Wiebe score-off planned for March.

Can someone just blow the score out in this thing so we can have a respite from this points bloodbath?!

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