The next time your neighbor tells you there's a zombie on your lawn, you can finally reply, "Thanks! Isn't it cute?" And ideally, your neighbor will have meant the cute little toy zombie from Plants vs. Zombies and will agree with you. (Either that, or you'll be eaten by horrible, slavering zombies. As happens.)

PopCap announced yesterday that they'd be breaking out of screens and into the physical world with a line of Plants vs. Zombies swag, their first-ever physical merch. They've signed licenses with several companies, to bring forth a wide array of products. There are T-shirts, hats, pajamas, and other wearables. There are wallets and wristbands. There are wall decals and vinyl figurines. And (featured above) there are stuffed plushie plants.


While I have to admit to harboring a dorky, covetous love for the stuffed sunflower, it seems that PopCap missed an obvious opportunity for outdoor products. An outdoor set of zombie-styled lawn gnomes could make for a great live-action game... in my neighbor's backyard.

PopCap Merchandise Coming SOON! [PopCap Blog]

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