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Plants vs. Zombies Rakes In $1M

Illustration for article titled Plants vs. Zombies Rakes In $1M

We're all huge fans of Plants vs. Zombies here, even the iPhone one that chugs with the older version of the hardware, but the numbers released today by PopCap are still surprising.


According to the publisher Plants vs. Zombies sold more than 300,000 copies in the first nine days, setting a new record for App Store launches, and has already grossed more than $1 million at $2.99 a pop.


Doing some quick math shows that it only took 335,000 or so in sales to hit the $1 million number, so I suspect PopCap grossed way more than that already.

As if that weren't enough for casual game developer PopCap, they also say that Bejeweled, which seems to have a permanent home on our iPhone sales charts, is now the first paid app to reach 3 million in sales.

"Plants vs. Zombies is our latest major franchise to make the jump to iPhone, and from the early customer and critical feedback it appears to be a great adaptation of the game," said Andrew Stein, director of mobile business development at PopCap. "There's always a concern when bringing a computer game to a mobile, pocket-sized device that something will get lost in the process, but in this case the overwhelming consensus is that Plants vs. Zombies is even more fun on the smaller touch screen!"

So what's next for PopCap?

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And better Tower Defense games without "zombie" in the title go unnoticed...