Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville Comes To Switch Next Month

The battle for Neighborville is joined.
The battle for Neighborville is joined.
Screenshot: Popcap Games

The most family-friendly competitive online shooter this side of Splatoon finally makes its way to the Switch on March 19. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville Complete Edition brings the fight to Nintendo’s console and makes all released cosmetic DLC unlockable in-game without a premium store or microtransactions.


Co-developed with QLOC S.A., the Switch version of Popcap Vancouver’s silly shooter marks the first game developed with the Frostbite engine ported to the Switch. Judging from the 720p screenshots accompanying the announcement, sacrifices definitely had to be made to get the meaty engine running on Nintendo’s hardware. But now that it’s done, could Battlefield be far behind? Probably, yes, but who needs realism when you’ve got cartoon undead?

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville Complete Edition will be available on the Nintendo Switch for $39.99 on March 19.

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Wow mixed feelings about this news. I love the Garden Warfare series, even this entry despite its many flaws. This one adds enough solo/co-op content to justify purchasing it for that alone. Unlocking and completing all the secret gnome content to unlock secret classes was an incredible feeling. It was extremely challenging and rewarding.

That said, the game no longer gets updated on other platforms. Supported stopped less than a year after release. This feels like a big tease to long time fans; like “Hey, buy the Switch version and maybe we’ll consider making more content.” Sorry, not going to happen this time.

I would still buy a sequel day 1 even with this bad track record because of how much my wife and I love these games. I’ll give the Switch version a chance if it ever gets EA Play.