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Planet Coaster Player Recreates Firewatch As A Roller Coaster

SteamedSteamedSteamed is dedicated to all things in and around Valve’s PC gaming service.

Firewatch was a slow-paced, contemplative indie hit about people. So of course, somebody decided to turn it into a roller coaster.


Here’s the ride in action in Planet Coaster:

Steam user sammy put some serious work into his high-flying homage. He explained:

“There are over 1300 triggered scenery events for this ride. Main features are a forest fire that breaks out and a rushing river that wipes it out. You may need to lower your graphics settings to view smoothly.”


Here’s the coaster from another angle, if you’re wondering how he pulled it off:

I would absolutely ride a real life version of this if I wasn’t a) afraid of roller coasters and b) even more afraid of wildfires.

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So where’s the part with cowardly running from your life because your wife has early onset Alzheimer’s? Are you escaping your life by riding this roller coaster?