What is it with games promos and junk food at the moment? McDonald's are all over LEGO: Batman, KFC have their greasy fingers on Guitar Hero - now Pizza Hut are making Rockstar one with everything. It's like they think we are all lardy fatsos or something. To 'celebrate' (i.e. promote) the launch of Midnight Club LA, Rockstar are working with Pizza Hut (one of the companies product-placed extensively in the game) to offer a custom Saleen Mustang worth $100,000 to gamers who enter via the 'Hut website from September 22nd. A Saleen Mustang is apparently some kind of car. I honestly have no idea. "Video game enthusiasts love pizza and are some of our most loyal customers." said a 'Hut spokesman. Alright - we get it. I'll be renewing my gym membership on payday. Jeez. [PizzaHut.com]


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