Well that PS4 stock went fast, but Amazon still has the 3DS XL in several colors marked down to a cool $180. See you all tomorrow for another Kotaku Deals roundup, and we'll continue to keep an eye out for next-gen console availability. [Amazon]

Playstation 4 in stock at Amazon. Go! Amazon also has a Playstation 4 bundle that includes a 7" Kindle Fire HDX. It's a savings of about $30 compared to buying the two products separately. If you wanted a Fire then this is awesome. [Amazon]

In addition to all the other great deals today, there's also a new Humble Weekly Bundle featuring the games of bitComposer. If you can condescend to play some current-generation games in the face of the PS4 release tomorrow, then we've got lots of great deals for you, including discounts on Skyrim Legendary, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Inifinite and the unmissable Pixeljunk Triple Pack. Click away.

On November 15th only, customers who have pre-ordered or purchase a PS4, and also purchase a year of Playstation Plus will receive $10 PSN credit, in addition to the $10 credit included with PS4 purchases. This is a little weird because the method for obtaining this is different for each retailer. Details here. [Sony]

Monoprice 90 Degree HDMI Adapter | $1.55

We recently posted a bundle pack of HDMI cables that included one of these adapters, and while the cables were cool, lots of people were super excited about the added convenience of the adapter. Well, today you can get as many of these adapters as you want for $1.55/each. Essential? No. Convenient? Very. Cheap? Absolutely. [Amazon]





Xbox 360

Wii U




  • Oceanhorn ($9) | New Release | Zelda Wind Waker-inspired adventure, three years in the making.
  • FREE Hit The Apple | Normally $2 | Archery


  • Neon Shadow ($2) | Google Play | Normally $3 | FPS
  • FREE King Odball | Amazon | Normally $3 | Physics puzzler
  • FREE ​Naught | Google Play | Normally $1 | Artistic platformer

Windows Phone





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