There have been complaints that Pixel Junk's Monsters and Eden are too damn hard. The games aren't forgiving for less skilled players. But fret not! PixelJunk dude Dylan Cuthbert is here, bringing news of easier settings — or "a more namby pamby mode". Writes Cuthbert:

You'll be pleased to know that one thing we will add to Monsters in an upcoming patch is a difficulty setting menu - you won't be able to use the online ranking (that wouldn't be fair) but you can advance on any difficulty you like… even expert (which yes, is harder than the default setting). The patch will be free. As for Eden, well… that's way too easy a game to make it any easier, surely???! At least in co-op you can reach out and catch your betrothed if she falls, the veritable juliet to your romeo so to speak. However, we do have lots of ideas for the expansion pack as the controls are too much fun to waste on just one set of game rules. I'm sure we will try and add a more namby pamby mode for the "lighter" people out there.

It's nice to see PixelJunk listens to the namby pamby players. That so should be the brand's new slogan or something. Cuthbert better copyright that and pronto! Otherwise, he'll be sorry. Dylan Responds [citizengame via The BBPS]