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Pissed Off Tea Table Flipping, The Arcade Game

Illustration for article titled Pissed Off Tea Table Flipping, The Arcade Game

In Japanese, people often talk about flipping over a table in anger — "chabudai gaeshi" or "upending the tea table". The action is seen throughout popular culture in Japan.


Of course, when some people in Japan get totally pissed off, they might flip over the tea table, too.

At Nintendo, the term is figuratively used to describe how Shigeru Miyamoto works. Around the office, he doesn't flip over tea tables per se, but he is known to scrap or ditch projects that aren't up to his own high standards. In a sense, he upends the tea table.


Japanese arcade game Cho Chabudai Gaeshi is a score attack game that lets players pound a soft table for combos and then upend it for the finishing move. Settings include a host club, a wedding party, an office and a Japanese style living room. So for example, in the living room stage, players bang on the table as their family complains more and more and finally flips over the table.

{Video via Gigazine.

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If they localized this in the US it'd have to be called "F*ck This"