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Pirate Ordered To Pay Nintendo $1.5 Million

Illustration for article titled Pirate Ordered To Pay Nintendo $1.5 Million

Nintendo sent out a press release today triumphantly boasting of victory in an Australian court over a man accused of pirating New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And how this single man now owes the mega-rich company $1.5 million.


Last November, Nintendo says it was able to "employ the use of sophisticated technological forensics" to catch the man, James Burt, who has been convicted of uploading the word's first pirated copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii onto the internet.

Burt - a single man, not a company or group - now must pay the Japanese publisher and platform holder AUD$1.5 million (USD$1.3 million), "to compensate Nintendo for the loss of sales revenue caused by the individual's actions."


Yes, he broke the law. And as a pirate, should be punished. But this is a game that's sold over 10 million copies in just three months.

Nothing like a little disproportionate punishment to maintain that lovable image, eh Nintendo?

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I'm on the fence about this.

I'd bet i'm the minority here, and i'm in no way advocating piracy (isn't that grounds for a ban? I don't even know), but the way i see it there is a difference between physically taking merchandise and making a copy of it on the internet.

If you physically steal.. i dunno, let's go with a box of noodles because i'm hungry, that box of noodles isn't going to be bought by anyone else. Not only did you take it without paying, but someone else CANT buy it.

When you pirate a game, there is no physical loss. Sure, you won't buy that game, but that doesn't mean they lose another sale.

Also, if you are going to pirate the game, chances are you weren't going to buy it anyway.

Feel free to flame away, but i find there is a moral difference here.

Also, come on guys. I doubt ANY of our music libraries are completely legit.

Also consider this: if you borrow a game from a friend, is that much different? Now, i KNOW that letting one friend borrow the game is not the same thing as letting 1000 friends borrow it, but still. We've all copied CDs for friends, i'm sure. If phyical theft is the same as internet piracy, how come copying a CD for a friend isn't the same as torrenting it? That seems like a double standard to me.

Well that's just my two cents. Not trying to justify piracy.