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It's the internet face-off of the century? Er, perhaps, the month. Or the week. Or the day. But hey, there's chicken and selfies.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

And for selfies, Japanese bikini models have recently been using the hashtag #Guradoru Jikadori-bu (#グラドル自画撮り部) or "Bikini Model Selfie Club," with "guradoru" (グラドル) meaning "bikini model" and "jikadori" roughly meaning "selfie." The character for "bu" (部) means "club," "department," "division," etc.

The whole thing was apparently started when one model-slash-cosplayer named Yuka Kuramochi said she loved looking at photos bikini models took of themselves, so she made the hashtag and began uploading revealing selfies.

Others followed suit, and IT Media reports that the hashtag has become such a thing that over a hundred pin-up models have uploaded images with it. There's even a site that has been cataloging all of them.


There are really way too many pin-up models in Japan. And, of course, the vast majority of these folks are not well-known—-they certainly are trying to use this hashtag to get their name out, though!

Some of them are fairly innocuous, but the vast majority of them are in bikinis or underwear—not all, though.


That's probably not an actual pirate. Call it a hunch. Others images are even more revealing. Such as this:

Wait a sec.

In some of the tweets, models are even trying to use the selfies to self-promote by mentioning their latest magazine spread or newest photobook. Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi even tried to promote the newly released Sengoku Basara 4 by using the tag:


No, that isn't Kobayashi in the revealing outfit. The tweet was retweeted over a thousand times, so... success?

In response to this whole phenomenon, one Twitter user—a French-American named Xavier Bensky—created the hashtag #Guradoru Jidori-bu (#グラドル地鶏部 or "Bikini Model Free Range Chicken Club").

So this isn't a crass pun on male genitalia, but rather, a pun on selfie: "jidori" (地鶏), means "free-range chicken" and sounding a lot like "jidori" (自撮り), meaning "selfie." So naturally, Bensky uploaded a sexy poultry photo:


What a pose! And free-range! (Note: I don't think Bensky took the original pic. The chicken, however, might have.)

The tweet has spawned other sexy chicken images, which at least one Twitter user uploading a chicken roasted at Christmas.


And arriving full circle, this inspired one pin-up model to upload and image of herself with birds:


Sadly, there appears to be more bikini model selfies than poultry photos. This looks to be a losing bikini battle for our cluck-cluck friends.

Top image: 柚木しおり/Shutterstock

Photos: MotoyamNami, MizTetuo, 8Prince8, EkibenSaggy, Kita_Q_Man, Aya_Sayama, 2525toiki, Oguma_Eri, Shiori_Yuzuki, soejimamisaki, manami_0331, yukakuramoti, mini_honda07, mai_tsukamoto, ogawa_leon, Haruno_Megumi, shiori_yuzuki, yuna_0808


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