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Pin-Up Model Is Quite Good At Street Fighter IV

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Haruna Anno is not just a gravure idol, but a video game gravure idol, taking names in Street Fighter IV.

Haruna is hardcore. The pin-up model's room is a gaming shrine, filled with retro game hardware, an arcade cabinet and games — lots of games. She's dead serious about playing, too. She claims to have once played Chrono Trigger for 36 hours straight and has whizzed through Super Mario Bros. so many times that she can clear World 1-1 without looking at the screen.


Earlier this week, Haruna posted her Street Fighter IV online stats, which was release last Thursday in Japan. She had fought in 214 fights, won 178 of them and lost 36. Her winning percentage was an impressive 83.13 percent. So if you see "annoharuna" on the PS3 version, watch out! She'll kick your ass.

This brings us full circle. We first met the pin-up model when she was 18 years-old and putting her SNES Street Fighter II cartridges in the refrigerator as an experiment.


ギリギリし勝率80パーセント! [杏野はるな 毎週土曜日配信 via マクセル Thanks, Cheapy!] [Pic]