Pikmin 3 Deluxe Comes To Switch October 30

It was only a matter of time.
It was only a matter of time.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Cross another game off the “Wii U Games That Still Need To Come To Switch” list. Beloved action-puzzler Pikmin 3 is getting the deluxe treatment, releasing on Switch October 30 with full story mode co-op, new side missions, lock-on targeting, and new difficulty options.


There’s nothing quite like guiding colorful plant creatures with unique abilities across a supersized alien planet. Pikmin 3, which didn’t get nearly enough love on the Wii U, gets a second chance as Pikmin 3 Deluxe. I’m looking forward to trying to play through story mode with one or both of my children in the co-pilot seat.

The game includes all content from the Wii U release, including DLC missions, along with a series of new side-story missions that can also be played in co-op mode. That’s more Pikmin goodness than we probably deserve.

Nintendo has been tweeting out new features coming to Deluxe as well, including details on the new side story missions and the Piklopedia, where players can learn about the creatures they encounter and collect in-game badges. 

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So all that is left is Xenoblade Chronicles X?