Pikmin 3 Confirmed as Wii U Title

The crazy-cute strategy series that's been missing in action since the days of the Gamecube will finally return on Nintendo's next home console. Gameplay video of Pikmin 3 was shown off during Nintendo's E3 2012 press conference this morning, including snippets of various multiplayer modes. Kotaku will have more on Pikmin 3 this week.

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I like the philosophy of trying to make deeper more traditional games work for the casual audiences. It's certainly more preferable to wanting to just dumb down games to these short simplistic experiences you play on the way to other things that are more important to you, or just addictive time sucks with more depth like Zynga titles. I feel like better more intuitive UI interface, streamlined controls, and difficulty management are the keys to making games appeal to the casual audience for sales, without losing the depth that appeals to the hardcore audience. Really, I'm surprised more developers haven't tried to replicate and/or expand Left 4 Dead's AI director concept, where it continually augments the difficulty of the game based on the player's skills and progress.

I'm not really that excited about a new Pikmin, just never got into the series, but what they're doing with the Wii U controller is what I've wanted from the controller since day one. I think the Wii U controller is the first type of interface on a console to really allow the strategy genre to grow again, because the gamepad screen can act as your mini-map, and the touch controls can replicate the pointer functions of a mouse. Really it's the traditional gamepad's lack of a good pointer control equivalent that has made caused the strategy genre to just never be that numerous on console platforms. Shooters are pointer based games too, which is why a mouse will always have more accuracy than a 360 or PS3 controller, and they've only worked decently thanks to some level of aim assist, and general gameplay speed reduction. With strategy titles though, they depend on more precise movement, especially if you want to do them in real-time.