This is one of Maersk's Triple-E cargo ships. When it's done, it will be the single largest ship on the planet. So yeah, seeing it under construction is pretty cool.

From Homeworld's shipyards to Star Wars to, well, the real world, there's something awe-inspiring about seeing giant vessels under construction. it gives you a real appreciation as to just how complex these things are, and how much work goes into them.


The Triple-E is over 1300-feet long, and is so big it can't get through the Panama Canal (it'd hit the bottom). It's not the biggest ship ever built, but it's the biggest ship around today, since the previous record holder is now toast.

These photos were taken by Alastair Philip Wiper, and are making me feel very, very small. You can see more shots at his blog.

[via neatorama]


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