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Do you want to be in pictures? How about portraits? Lionhead is looking for photo submissions for Fable 2 Art Models, that is models who will appear in the portrats adorning the more well-to-do homes in the land of Albion. How can you get in on that action? Read on!

All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself in suitable artistic pose. Think old master, royal portraits or even the Mona Lisa! Dress up as an old or modern hero, go out to the countryside and find yourself a deer to shoot (not recommended) or just strike a suiting pose in front of an open fire. The thing that would make it even better is if you were to act out an expression from the original Fable.


I think that deep down inside, what Lionhead is asking here, is for you to send them naked pictures. I could be misinterpreting this of course, but it seems like that to me. You might wanna hurry, seeing as the deadline is June 4th. Luckily I have an entire folder of suitable shots aavailable for instant distribution.

ART MODELS WANTED [The Lionhead Times via Major Nelson]


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