Physics Make All the Difference in This Bunny-Based Breakout Game

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I would have been perfectly happy if Super Bunny Breakout, a collaboration between Atari and Zynga, were nothing more than the original Breakout with a vaguely rabbit-looking ball. Luckily for everyone else, it's so much more than that.


This is the story of a superhero rabbit and his four oddball (pun sorta intended) companions banding together to break animals out of an evil testing lab, which could explain all of the physics. Rather than bouncing your balled-up heroes at static arrangements of blocks, they're bouncing off of moving contraptions and elaborate constructs of suspended chains. Break the middle link in a chain and it snaps, everything suspended above it plummeting to the bottom of the screen. Hit a spinning apparatus and your ball friend goes shooting off in the opposite direction, gaining momentum from the moving object. Your paddle has limited up-down movement along with side-to-side, so you can even control the force at which you fire off your shots.

Not only does Super Bunny Breakout have physics, it has a fair amount of character too. The five heroes and their female feline mentor are quirky characters that swap bits of dialogue between levels. Rather than a set number of lives, each battable character has an energy level that can be replenished by feeding them. There's a tree house to decorate, arcade mini-games to battle, and more than 40 levels of challenging physics-based breakage, all for the low price of $.99.


Super Bunny Breakout is much more than I had hoped it would be, and it's all thanks to mad science.

Super Bunny Breakout—Free Version [iTunes]

Super Bunny Breakout—$.99 [iTunes]

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