Do they still use telepipes in Phantasy Star? Well if they do, Sega just selected one from its inventory, bumping up the release date of Phantasy Star Portable in North America.

The PlayStation Portable action role-playing game will be invading our shores on March 3rd, weeks in advance of its previously scheduled release date. Somewhat coincidentally, I also plan to turn on my PSP for the first time in many months on March 3rd, unless a review copy of Phantasy Star Portable should make its way here prior to that date.

Phantasy Star Portable was released in Japan last July, racking up over 700,000 sales, making it one of the top thirty selling games in the country.

Sega has more Phantasy Star action planned for later this year, as Sega of America recently expressed its corporate desire to bring Phantasy Star Ø to Western shores.


And then, once we're all covered on the Nintendo DS and PSP fronts, Sega will get cracking on bringing a proper Phantasy Star RPG to whatever. Right, Sega? "Right, Mike," says Sega.

Phantasy Star Portable Launch date moved to March 3rd! [SEGA America Blog - thanks, Castor!]